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To publish for free the entire Rg veda samhitā pāṭha along with the pada-pāṭha in comic form (with the pictures depicting the most literal/ abhidhā meaning from Sāyaṇa’s commentary). An example page is here (4.3) (PS: We are yet to fix some errors in illustrations).

ध्येयम् - अखिलमपि ऋग्वेदसंहितापाठं पदपाठान्वितं सायणोक्तभावार्थसूचकचित्रैस् सह comic-इव मुक्तरीत्या प्रकाशयामेति, बालाकर्षणाय च पारायणे भावचोदनाय च।

Purpose (प्रयोजनम्)

  • For the attraction of young minds towards the veda-s
  • to spur the appropriate sentiment during recitation (either casually or as part of various karma-s).
  • There are several secondary effects of this, not least of which is the reinvigoration of the heroic vedic thought among Hindu-s in an age which needs it the most. If our purohita-s and their yajamāna-s only understood the meaning of what they are chanting, they would be a far more valiant and nobler people. We have no doubt about this.

Time required

At the rate of 3 pictures per day, 10000+ Rks will require 10 years of daily artistic contribution. A roughly equal amount of time contribution is required for preparing story-boards for the artist.


Current contributors

See here. Mailing list for coordination here.

How to contribute?

“I’m interested in being a sketcher (or storyboard maker), and I think I have the skills involved. How do I start?” → Welcome and thanks!! We’re excited. Please apply to join this mailing list (be sure to answer the questions we list). More details in the FAQ.

Frequently asked questions

See here (new comments are welcome!).