Archived project! Not being pursued!


We have all heard of (and some of us have visited) schools where:

  • students are instructed in samskritam and hindu arts
  • besides regular subjects like science, mathematics, english, history, social science etc..

Often, the medium of instruction is bilingual - Sanskrit for some topics (esp. humanities), English for others.

Benefits of such schools are as follows:

  • Kids growing up in an environment filled with Indian culture is desirable - not just for their development, but also for the revival of bhAratIya samskriti.
  • Samskrita, that unifying language that is at the core of classical hindu culture, (perhaps together with regional languages) and hindu arts – if taught – would provide such an environment.

Long term plan: full fledged school

There is currently no such school in USA. Let us start one in the Bay area.

Why this will work?

  • There is no shortage of students who would benefit from such a school.
  • There is no shortage of teachers who can staff such a school.
  • There is no shortage of parents who can pay for such a school.

Positive examples.


What is lacking is:

  • A groundswell of interest.
  • A starting point and coordination.

Intermediate plans: home-schooling co-op

  • What is homeschooling? Read this FAQ.

Other potential directions

  • Add Samskrtam classes in curricula of a local school.


What can you do if you

  • I know it is a multi year project, as described here and here. But everything has to start somewhere. Please join this this email list.
  • Please forward this web page to those who might be interested. Distribute widely. <–Important.