OCR on request

For requesters

File a request here.

For volunteers

What is the workflow for an OCR volunteer?

  • First off - you should have access to OCR technology, and you should be willing to (learn to) use it.
  • Look for requests on the issues page.
  • Assign a request to yourself and work on it.
  • Once you get the OCR-ed text, we need to pass it on to proof-reading and to early users/ readers.
    • So initially, store the result in a separate folder in github repo such as sanskrit/raw_etexts.
    • Please include terms a person searching on an internet search engine may use.
      • Transliterate the title into the appropriate scripts.
      • Use ‘-’ to separate terms in a samAsa. Eg. कुलार्णव-तन्त्रम् kulArNava-tantram
  • Announce the fact that you’ve OCR-ed the file on places such as samskrita@googlegroups and sanskrit-ocr@googlegroups.

Why be an OCR volunteer?

  • You will be helping many other knowledge-lovers. (see “why digitize?” section here.)
  • You will have the satisfaction of putting your technical skills and time to good use.