Apastamba gRhya sUtra commentaries




  • Partial support (40k Rs) from shrI harikiraN of Indic academy.
  • Vishvas family funds

Proposed work

I wanted to get typed AnAkulA and tAtparyadarshanI commentaries to Apastamba gRhyasUtra to an error-free state. The pdf is available on archive.org. Well, it was typed up by someone a long time ago (and I had published it in wikisource a long time ago), but that version has many errors and that makes it irritating to read. In the end, it will be presented like this: https://vishvAsa.github.io/vedAH_yajuH/taittirIyam/sUtram/ApastambaH/gRhyam/TIkA/17_07/ (besides the plain text markdown), and needless to say - anyone will be welcome to access, use, copy, publish it however they like.

Estimated cost

I’ll get it done by a learned gentleman I’ve been employing for much of the past year (for fixing taittirIya saMhitA commentary and such). He’s very capable (I will supervise). I pay him by the hour (x Rs) - I was wondering if you could foot the bill for this work. I can keep track of the time he spends and let you know - so that you can transfer the money directly. Off the top of my head, I estimate that it will him a month to accomplish the task - that comes to about 40k Rs.

Past experience / examples:

Importance of the work

I frequently refer to it for planning saMskAra-s in my household, and presumably it will similarly be the case for a good majority of south Indian brAhmaNas. Flowing text will be far better than pdfs or physical books.