mahAbhArata gItA press - present with audio


Completed in early 2022.


  • (1L Rs) from Aditi Bannerjee via Indic academy.


Digitize and present the text of the mahAbhArata edition so laboriously and wonderfully recorded as part of this project - together with the audio. The text will (just like our audio files) be made available for free in markdown format - anyone can copy and reuse. Examples of such text with audio presentations:

Estimated cost

I’ll get it done by a learned gentleman I’ve been employing for much of the past year (for fixing taittirIya saMhitA commentary and such). He’s very capable (I will supervise). I pay him by the hour - I can keep track of the time he spends and let you know - so that you can transfer the money directly. Off the top of my head, I estimate that it will him a month or two to accomplish the task (utilizing OCR, other digitized versions of the text).