Apastamba dharma sUtra commentary


  • Completed.
  • Sponsors: vishvAsa family funds. (Possible - advitIya said he would contribute in 202201.)
  • Here.

Proposed work

I wanted to get typed haradatta’s commentary to Apastamba dharmasUtra. We’ll use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to speed up the work. The pdf is available on archive.org. In the end, the typed result will be presented as seen here (besides the plain text markdown), and needless to say - anyone will be welcome to access, use, copy, publish it however they like. In a later project, we will topically collate and present the sUtras with commentaries for easier reference.

Estimated cost

I’ll get it done by a learned gentleman I’ve been employing for much of the past year (for fixing taittirIya saMhitA commentary and such). He’s very capable (I will supervise). I pay him by the hour - I was wondering if some donor could foot the bill for this work. I can keep track of the time he spends and let you know. Based on prior observations, I estimate the cost to be between 1L and 1.5L.

Past experience/ examples:

Importance of the work

I frequently refer to it for regulating members of my household (including myself), and presumably it will similarly be the case for a good majority of south Indian brAhmaNas. Flowing text will be far better than pdfs or physical books.

About us

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