+Dyugangā द्युगङ्गा


Goals ध्येयानि

Dyugangā is a work group dedicated to the promotion of ever-victorious Hindu ideals and arts. It’s current focus is in presenting important texts for easy study.

The texts may be presented as audio files (eg: MahAbhArata audio book project), as web pages (eg: Apastamba-gRhya-sUtra, Apastamba-dharma-sUtra, EkAgnikANDa commentary, manu-smRti, raghuvaMsha), as dictionaries (eg: stardict). Check out our trello board for a more fine grained listing; or maybe subscribe to mail-streams for past and future announcements (dg, hv, san).

The choice of material heavily depends on the special interests of its current lead (vedas, kalpa, purANa-s).


द्युगङ्गा नाम कार्यसंस्था ऽजेयानां भारतीयपुरुषार्थपरिकल्पनानाञ्च हिन्दुककलानाञ्च प्रसारणाय वर्तते। तदीयस् स्थूलोद्देशोऽधुना प्रमुखग्रन्थानाम् अध्ययनसौकर्याय प्रस्तुतिः। ततो ग्रन्थसङ्कलनकेन्द्रम् इति वक्तुमलम्।

ग्रन्थानाम् प्रस्तुतिर् ध्वनिसञ्चिकाभिस् स्यात् (यथा महाभारतपारायणप्रसारणे), जालक्षेत्रपृष्ठैर् वा (यथा विश्वासस्य मन्त्रटिप्पनीषु, एकाग्निकाण्डटीका), शब्दकोशैर् वाऽपि (stardict)।

सद्यश्च ग्रन्थाः संस्थाग्रण्या रुचिविशेषम् अनुसृत्य चिताः - वेदाः, इतिहासपुराणानि, कल्पवेदाङ्गग्रन्थाश् चेति।

Establishment संस्थापनम्

The group started semi-formally in Feb 2020. It was hosted for a couple of months before the Wuhan pandemic under the aegis of shrI manjunath’s Cleverkare, an entirely unrelated business. Since then it has been running mostly on Vishvas family funds.

Contribution दानम्

Donations and sponsorship are welcome (use contact page) - they help offset operating costs (worker payments mainly ~1L/mo) and plan further projects. Project-specific sponsorship opportunities are occasionally advertised on our social media accounts and on certain mailing lists.