Why digitize?

  • Want to easily search for the source of that amazing shloka someone mentioned?
  • Want to look up a certain term in (say) the abhyankar grammar dictionary on your phone?
  • Want to read flowing text comfortably on your tablet on phone? Want your annotations to be safe for ever? (See advantages described below)
  • Want to carry an entire library on your tablet?
  • Want your phone to read out a certain text?
  • Dream of a richer sanskrit wikipedia, wikisource etc..?

Ebook Advantages

फलकादिषु जङ्गमयन्त्रेषु संस्कृतपुस्तकपठनं मे ऽतिरोचते। उदाहरणमत्र वीक्षेथाम्। तेनाधिकसंस्कृतपुस्तकानि तथा प्रकाश्येरन्निति काङ्क्षा मदीया। एवं प्रकाशनं नास्ति कठिनम्।



How to contribute? [OBSOLETE]

  • Can you help us OCR texts? See ocr_on_request project , and how such volunteering benefits you and others.
  • Can you help us proofread and markup texts? See the workflow described here to know what’s involved, and how such volunteering benefits you and others.